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Genetics Home Reference: Bohring-Opitz syndrome

Source: National Library of Medicine – Source:: Medline – Eye Diseases

Infographic: 10 Health Problems Your Eyes Could Be Showing Signs Of

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Refractive Errors and Refraction: How the Eye Sees

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New Eye-Healthy Recipe: Tangy Carrot Salad

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Eye-Related Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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Vision Problems in the U.S.

Source: Prevent Blindness America Source:: Medline – Eye Diseases

What Is a Comprehensive Dilated Eye Exam?

Source: National Eye Institute – Source:: Medline – Eye Diseases

Genetics Home Reference: encephalocraniocutaneous lipomatosis

Source: National Library of Medicine – Source:: Medline – Eye Diseases

Legally Blind? Don’t Let It Stop You From Voting

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What You Must Know About Halloween Contact Lenses

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You and your family need annual eye exams – vision screenings at school aren’t enough!

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Eyelash Extensions – Are They Safe?

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Easy recipe for eye-healthy pumpkin granola! #ILovePumpkinSpice #ShareForSight

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Eye News – Companion eBook and app released for Sight: The Story of Vision

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Eyeglass News: Eyewear No Longer Allowed In Passport Photos

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Latest LASIK Outcomes Are Better Than Ever, Researchers Find

Outcomes from 67,000 procedures were evaluated. Also, patient satisfaction was high. Source:: All About Vision

Blurry Vision – Can it put you at a disadvantage in life?

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How to prevent injuries from falls? Step one: Get an eye exam! [Video]

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Eye News – Ground-breaking documentary on eyesight, narrated by Sir Elton John.

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Online videos by National Eye Institute teach kids about their eyes.

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Immune-Based Drug May Ease Chronic Eye Condition

Humira reduced inflammation that can lead to vision loss, researchers say Source: HealthDay Source:: Medline – Eye Diseases

Spending a lot of time on Pokemon GO? Blue light and eye strain may be concerns.

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How to get rid of those things on your eyelid called milia.

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Contact lenses are like underwear, says the CDC. [infographic]

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