New Vision Council Report: How UV Light Harms the Eyes

This 2014 report includes a list of U.S. cities most vulnerable to UV radiation, with tips on choosing the best sunglasses to protect your eyes. Source: […]

Sleep Apnea Linked with Glaucoma

Do you have sleep apnea? Evidence is growing that it is a risk factor for the eye disease glaucoma. Source: All About Vision

Eye Tearing

Source: DSHI Systems Source: Medline – Eye Diseases

The Most Common Difficulties for People with Low Vision

What would be your biggest problem if your vision deteriorated? Here’s what people with partial sight said in a survey. Source: All About Vision

Cataract News: Cataract Surgery Lowers Risk of Falls, Says Study

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Most Americans Unaware that Common Drugs, Light Colored Eyes Can Increase Vulnerability to UV-Related Eye Disease

Source: American Academy of Ophthalmology Source: Medline – Eye Diseases