Hazy, blurry vision is a sign you might have cataracts. Time for an eye exam? Learn more…

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Today’s AccuWeather UV Index

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Is Everyone With Blue Eyes Related?

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Why do some people have two different colored eyes?

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It’s 4/20! Important reminder on this unofficial cannabis holiday: Marijuana Does Not Treat Glaucoma.

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Apple Included Blue Light Filtering Feature In Latest iOS Update

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Cleaning eyeglasses: Here’s what NOT to do…

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Certain sunglass lens tints can take your sports performance to a new level.

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Color Blind Tests: Do You See Colors As They Really Are?

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Can a healthy diet prevent cataracts?

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Do you want a new look for spring? Colored contact lenses could be a great option.

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Don’t waste your money on the wrong over-the-counter eye drops.

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Study found naturally occurring stem cells in the eye helped babies with congenital cataracts see clearly.

New cataract surgery technique enables infant eyes to grow their own replacement lens. Source:: All About Vision

If meibomian gland dysfunction is causing your dry eyes, you may need more than OTC eye drops. Learn more.

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What do we mean by the term 20/20 vision? This article explains.

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Nearly half of the world’s population may be nearsighted by 2050, say researchers.

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8 Tips to Protect Aging Eyes

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Which is better for eye health: flaxseed oil or fish oil? Learn the pros and cons of each.

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Insurance data reveals the six groups most likely to have the cornea-thinning disease keratoconus. Are you at risk?

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Ditch the itch! Don’t rub those itchy eyes – that can make them worse. Instead, see your eye care practitioner.

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Learn what snow blindness is and how to avoid this painful, scary eye condition.

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You’ve heard a lot about blue light from digital devices. Can it harm our eyes? Here’s what we know.

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Children with a lazy eye read more slowly, says study.

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We may see more women’s eyewear in pink or blue in 2016! [Video]

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Possibly thanks to healthier living, the number of new cases of diabetes has been falling lately. Less vision loss from diabetic retinopathy may follow.

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How to prevent eye injuries when frying a turkey…

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You won’t believe some of the items on this year’s Worst Toys list. Some can cause significant injuries to eyes and other body parts.

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