Did you know that smoking can harm your vision? Learn how…

The Great American Smokeout is Thursday, Nov. 19. Don’t wimp out – quit smoking and save your eyesight! Source:: All About Vision

Many people don’t know what legal blindness actually means. Here is an explanation.

Legally blind doesn’t necessarily mean total vision loss, but a guide dog can be a big help. Source:: All About Vision

Happy National Chocolate Day! And don’t forget that the bioflavonoids in dark chocolate are good for eyes.

Have a bite of dark chocolate today for the health of your eyes! Source:: All About Vision

Thinking about Halloween contact lenses this year? A new report finds that some special-effect contacts can interfere with your vision quality.

Specialty colored contact lenses can hinder your vision, especially when driving at night or walking after dark. Source:: All About Vision

Are you getting enough eye-healthy vitamin A in your diet? Try this new recipe…

Vitamin A is an important nutrient for good vision and this crock pot sweet potato soup packs a lot of it into each serving. Source:: All […]

Tiles A and B are the same color, though it doesn’t look that way. Click to find out how this optical illusion works!

Optical illusions trick our eyes and our brain into seeing a different reality. Source:: All About Vision

International Day of Older Persons is October 1st. Let’s help our loved ones know the warning signs of age-related eye problems.

Keep an eye out for these 10 warning signs of age-related vision loss that can affect quality of life. Source:: All About Vision

Can emotional stress cause vision problems? It’s rare, but it can happen, especially among schoolkids.

Symptoms of the rare disorder called Streff syndrome. Source:: All About Vision

Fall is here! Did you know that seasonal foods like pumpkin and sweet potatoes are good for your eyes?

The beta-carotene in sweet potatoes and other fall vegetables promotes good eye health. Source:: All About Vision

Why do we love green eyes? Learn how green eyes develop and which celebrities have them.

Celebrating green eyes! Source:: All About Vision

Are you feelin’ it? We are. Those eye allergies are back! Here are tips…

Autumn eye allergy relief tips… Source:: All About Vision

Why a black eye is called a shiner. And what to do if you get one – after seeing your eye doctor, of course!

Is a black eye serious? Well, yes! Source:: All About Vision

Hazel eyes are hard to describe. Are they green? Brown? Amber? Where this beautiful eye color comes from…

The scientific explanation of hazel eye color. Source:: All About Vision

Do chameleons see two distinct views of the world? How do those swiveling eyes work?

How chameleon eyes work both independently and together. Amazing! Source:: All About Vision

Can retinal progenitor cells help people with retinitis pigmentosa? Interesting new study underway in Irvine, California.

Retinal progenitor cells may be able to reactivate degenerating photoreceptors in the back of the eye. Source:: All About Vision

This infographic reminds us how important proper contact lens care is. We only have one pair of eyes and we need to take care of them!

The CDC’s new contact lens infographic features tips to help prevent eye infections. Source:: All About Vision

Did you know that most contact lenses should be removed for a nap? CDC issues must-knows about contacts.

CDC report: People are taking unnecessary risks with their contact lenses. Source:: All About Vision

Researchers in South Africa are breeding sweet potatoes to produce more vitamin A to prevent blindness.

Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable blindness in children. Source:: All About Vision

Can corneal crosslinking be used for kids with keratoconus? A study in Ireland says it stabilized eyes of 14 young patients.

It isn’t FDA-approved, but CXL may help young keratoconic eyes. Source:: All About Vision

Poor eating habits are causing nutrient deficiencies that could affect kids’ eye health.

Nutritionist releases alarming info about lack of nutrients in children’s diets. Source:: All About Vision

Truth: Eyeball tattooing is not a pretty butterfly on a flawless eye. It is hideously destructive to the eyes and vision.

Episcleral tattooing is very dangerous, as recent case studies show. Source:: All About Vision

Throwback Thursday: Remember Bill Nye the Science Guy? Here’s a great clip of him explaining how the eye works!

Another of Bill Nye’s classic shows! Source:: All About Vision

Cataract-dissolving eye drops are being studied as future alternative to surgery, especially for animals.

University of California San Diego scientists developed drops that reduced lens cloudiness in animal studies. Source:: All About Vision

Video of amazing stunt by Tom Cruise for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Scleral contact lenses helped him pull it off.

Large-diameter scleral lenses can serve many purposes, including in the movies! Source:: All About Vision

This new e-book can make a child’s first eye exam more fun and less scary! And it’s free to download.

Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam is a free children’s e-book for tablets and computers. Source:: All About Vision

Pupil dilation when viewing certain faces may predict depression risk in kids. [Video]

Can pupillometry help prepare parents for depressive symptoms in their children? Source:: All About Vision

Scuba mask recalled due to lenses that can shatter. Get details on obtaining a replacement mask…

Do you have the Omersub Zero Cube scuba diving mask? Stop using it and contact the company for replacement. Source:: All About Vision

Celebrate National Sunglasses Day by making sure your kids’ eyes are fully protected from UV rays!

Kids need to wear sunglasses just like you do. Source:: All About Vision

Forgetting to blink: This and 7 other things you do at your desk can cause computer eye strain.

Infographic has tips for avoiding computer eye strain at your desk. Source:: All About Vision

Do you know what 20/20 vision actually means? Find out how different eye charts test for visual acuity.

How various eye charts can test distance vision Source:: All About Vision