Perturbed about eye floaters and spots before your eyes? Learn more about them.

Sometimes eye floaters are a sign of a serious problem, like a detached retina. Source:: All About Vision

Got dry eyes? A recent study says yoga can help!

Abdominal breathing – the kind you do during yoga – has been found to help women with dry eyes. Source:: All About Vision

Wow! This medieval eye infection remedy containing onion and garlic has been found to be effective against MRSA.

Researchers test an odd remedy on MRSA and find it to be 90 percent effective. Source:: All About Vision

Pink eye can be highly contagious, especially among school children. Check out these important facts – now available in Spanish, too!

This one-page PDF covers helpful tips and information on pink eye. Source:: All About Vision

“Can I have LASIK eye surgery if I’m pregnant?” Learn the answer to this and other frequently asked LASIK questions.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make LASIK outcomes less predictable. Source:: All About Vision

May is Healthy Vision Month! Check out this infographic from the National Eye Institute for tips to make your vision last a lifetime.

Learn how to make your vision last a lifetime with these tips and interesting facts from the NEI. Source:: All About Vision

Sunrise? Or sunset? The color of the light may help you decide.

Our body clocks are tuned into how the color of light changes throughout the day, says new study. Source:: All About Vision

No wonder your eyes are dry: springtime allergen spikes are now linked to dry eyes.

Allergy prevention such as air filters could help your dry eyes feel better! Source:: All About Vision

Are you making enough eye contact with your kids?

Eye contact and other direct engagement with your children is so important for their development. Source:: All About Vision

To celebrate Earth Day, don’t discard your old eyewear — recycle it! Donated eyeglasses can often be re-used. Here’s how…

Two easy ways to recycle used eyewear. Source:: All About Vision

Dry eyes, Sjogren’s syndrome, and the amazing comeback of Sjogren’s sufferer Venus Williams

Learn about Sjogren’s syndrome and how Venus Williams isn’t letting it get her down. Source:: All About Vision

What Cataracts and the Penny Pusher Game Have in Common

Here’s another reason why eyes are so amazing. Source:: All About Vision

Women Aren’t Getting Eye Exams. Why?

Survey shows that some American women are cheating themselves out of preventive eye care. Source:: All About Vision

2015 Low Vision Report, by The Vision Council

Interesting reading on the impact of vision impairment on quality of life, with helpful info about low vision magnifying devices. Source:: All About Vision

Eye Nutrition News: Omega-3 Supplements Help Computer Users with Dry Eyes

Use computers a lot? A study found that daily omega-3 supplements could help your dry eyes feel better. Source:: All About Vision

The Big Dress Debate: Why No One Agrees on the Color of This Dress

Some see this dress as white and gold, while others see it as black and blue. It can be confusing, but here’s the reason why. Source:: […]

Infant Vision: Smoking During Pregnancy Linked to Childhood Vision Problems

Smoking during pregnancy increases risk of strabismus and other serious vision problems in kids. Good reason to quit. Source:: All About Vision

Eye Nutrition News: Visionary Kitchen Offers Eye-Healthy Recipes

Written by an optometrist, this cookbook contains more than 150 delicious recipes that can promote eye health. Source:: All About Vision

Can Human Echolocation Replace Vision for Some People?

Scientists are studying blind people who use sound echoes to perceive their surroundings. Source:: All About Vision

Are E-Readers Affecting Your Sleep?

Viewing digital tablets shortly before bedtime seems to make falling asleep more difficult. Are you having this problem? Source:: All About Vision

New Report on Eye Strain from Digital Devices

30 percent of U.S. adults spend more than nine hours a day using digital devices, says this new Vision Council Report. Are you one of them? […]

Video: Disney Team Finds Way to Make Animated Characters’ Eyes Look Real

New techniques could make animated film characters look more human and less like dolls. Source:: All About Vision

Infographic: 8 Tips for Healthy Eyes in 2015

Want healthy eyes this year? This new infographic has great tips for you and your family! Source:: All About Vision

Opening Champagne Without Causing an Eye Injury

Celebrating with bubbly this New Year’s Eve? Watch this video for tips on keeping your eyes safe around flying corks. Source:: All About Vision

Sports Vision Poll: What Would You Do?

Eddie Lacy, the Green Bay Packers running back, wore his contact lenses for too long and now has eye irritation. He doesn’t like wearing sports goggles, […]

Cataract Surgery for Those with Dementia

New evidence shows that improved vision after cataract surgery enhances both cognition and quality of life for those with dementia. Source: All About Vision

Why Back To School Eye Exams Are So Important

About 25 percent of school-aged kids have vision problems. Early eye exams can help identify conditions that affect learning and development. Source: All About Vision

Macular Degeneration News

A new study links blood pressure medications to higher risk for age-related macular degeneration. Source: All About Vision

Computer Font Size and Productivity

This simple, low-tech tip could help you increase your productivity and accuracy during computer work… Source: All About Vision

New Eye-Healthy Recipes For Summertime

This chilled soup sipper or juice recipe is full of nutrients that are good for your eyes! Source: All About Vision